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I cant remember what the water level is to be at when closing with a loop lock cover.. I think its supposed to be about 6 below the skimmer is this right or wrong... Thanks for the help....
Category: pool Post By: DANA RIOS (Fort Collins, CO), 02/01/2019

Wal, You don't want to let your skimmers run dry if the pump is on. This could easily cause damage to your pump fittings. Suggest you turn off the skimmers at the pad and just use the main drain for now. If me, I'd let it run that way until the water temperature gets into the low to middle 60's.. Jim R.

- LEAH BARBER (Burnsville, MN), 04/03/2019

Taken from Should I drain my pool before putting on my LOOP-LOC cover? No! It is very important to maintain proper water level to help support the weight of the cover and prevent excess wear. For LOOP-LOC mesh covers, water level should be 15 to 18 below the top of the pool. For ULTRA-LOC solid covers, water level should be 12 to 16 below the top of the pool. If proper water level is not maintained, the warranty can be void.

- SCOTT F (Colorado Springs, CO), 04/13/2019

Nope, not close enough. 1ppm or less. Try the DE in the sand trick, but not today. It can take a week or so for sand filters to clear up cloudy water after an algae bloom....but with a drop of more than 1ppm you aren't done shocking so it will take a bit longer.

- ANGELA PEREZ (Edinburg, TX), 04/01/2019

close, but no cigar huh? darn ! o.k. then, i'll keep it up with the bleach. i did the de in the sand last year and it seemed to work. why not today? when should i do it? wait till it clears up more? also...any thoughts on the water level? thanx mom.

- KRISTINA SINGH (Cicero, IL), 03/27/2019

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