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Hoping someone can answer this question for me. I have a 20x40 IG pool. At the bottom of the skimmer, there are two holes. I imagine one of the holes is the return to the pump. What is the other one for? And how do i winterize it? There's a plastic latch that seems to be able to block off on or the other of those holes. Thanks!
Category: pool Post By: REBECCA WRIGHT (Baytown, TX), 02/20/2019

Do you have a main drain? The second hole goes to it and the flap thing is a diverted to control suction between the skimmer and the main drain

- THELMA GREENE (Pompano Beach, FL), 04/13/2019

Edited: posted response to another thread here.

- SUSAN M (Las Vegas, NV), 03/25/2019

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