Forum Title: Pool neglected for two years, what now?
Long story short, the tenets living in my house neglected the pool. It's since been uncovered for two years, and has a bunch of **** in it. Last summer there was frogs living in it too. I'm sure there's probably a few neighborhood cats in there as well. It looks like a lagoon. I really want to clean this but I CANNOT spend that much money on it. I DO know that I definitely need to purchase chlorine though. I'm brand new at this, never worked on a pool before. It looks like everything else for the pool (chemicals, vaccuum, etc are all here. There's a big filter on the side of the house. I don't want to turn it on untill I know what I'm doing. I can take pictures if needed. By the way, this is an in-ground pool. APPOX 40 feet long by 15 wide.
Category: pool Post By: NATALIE PARKS (New Britain, CT), 02/27/2019

Pictures are always helpful if you can take them. Just make sure to read up in pool school (upper right hand corner click on pool school) and to do it right you will need a high quality test kit. Look in my signature for the link to the TF100 kit. Good luck and you have come to the right place.

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 04/13/2019

Mynewpool covered the starting point. But let me reiterate: you will need a test kit. It will pay for itself many times over. Just bite the bullet, order a TF100 and get the XL option since you'll be cleaning a swamp. Some Inspiration. Swamp to Swim in 12 days

- ISAAC SIMON (Murray, UT), 03/27/2019

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