Forum Title: Keep it from freezing and breaking the skimmer?
I was told on my AGP that as long as you packed the skimmer with insulation type paper etc it would keep it from freezing and breaking the skimmer if you were using a mesh cover and did not install a seal on the skimmer. Is this correct? I plugged the return line but since i have a mesh cover this year the water that flows through the cover escapes out the skimmer(packed with packing unsulation) and down and out the 10 ft or so flexible hose and out in the yard. Do I need to change something?
Category: pool Post By: LUIS PATTERSON (Joliet, IL), 02/07/2019

Re: Can water freezing at the return level damage the return

- HILDA GRIFFITH (Portsmouth, VA), 04/10/2019

I have had an agp of one type or another for several years now and have not had to do anything with the skimmer basket except remove the hose and make sure the skimmer basket is clear. I just leave it open, never had an issue but I use the standard winter cover, so your cover let's the rain water, etc pass thru? I am in Indiana near Chicago so our winters can get pretty cold, well except this year

- MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (Denton, TX), 04/11/2019

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