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Not sure this is the right forum but I am getting desperate. After 3 weeks of playing with a black swampy pool we were finally clear!!! We were running an issue of pump stopping every x days or even hrs, and were told it was normal... just backwash (by pool professional). It indeed work... we'd backwash and get it working again, although it never felt strong enough. It finally died 10 days ago. (I knew something was wrong). That initial professional disappeared. I called a second one who was well recommended. He came and told motor was dying. He was supposed to order it and return last Monday. On Wednesday I called and he said Friday (motor never arrived. UPS was late). On Friday, nothing again. Well... My problem is that I have a pool birthday party on May 12 with too many people to transfer anywhere else. And the pool is starting to turn green again. Is there anything I can do to try and delay the greening of the pool? I am wondering if I throw in chlorine and place my aquabot to vaccum, and somehow stir up some of the water, if it will help at all. I am afraid that by the time the guy finally show up and fix the pool, it will be too late to clear up for the party.
Category: pool Post By: ALICIA MCCOY (Pasadena, TX), 02/17/2019

There are a couple options. I would go buy a submersible pump so you can have water circulation. With a large pool like you have I would add maybe 1/2 a gallon a day of regular unscented bleach while the pump is on. You could also use a broom to circulate the water.

- Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL), 03/20/2019

You can add bleach manually and brush the pool to mix it in. Since you have noticed it start to go green again, add a slam level dose of bleach and brush it in. Retest in an hour and add more bleach if needed to bring it back up to slam level and brush again. Run the aquabot to pick up any debris on the pool floor. Add bleach daily and brush the pool until the new pump is installed. This should at least keep it from getting any worse. Once the new pump is installed the pool properly. Replacing a pool pump is not difficult, depending on how the pool is plumbed. Since you are getting terrible service from the local guys you may want to consider ordering online and replacing the pump yourself.

- COREY BARRETT (Santa Clarita, CA), 03/06/2019

Thanks!! Doing so!!!

- Dan Crawford (Tulsa, OK), 03/05/2019

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