Forum Title: Help quick- Overshot my shock level
10/20/11- anticipate closing on 10/23/11 Water temperature 60F & next few days to get into the 40�??s pH 7.5 or 7.6; FC 4.5-5 so shocked Target 18 by adding 554 oz bleach at 10:30pm CC 0-. TA 50, Borates 25, CH 220 so Target 300 & several hours ago I added 187oz by volume Calcium Chloride (Leslies Calcium Harness Plus). CYA 60 Re-test FC 1 hour later at 11:30pm: FC 26 ! Want me to go add water to dilute it? Am I at risk at such a high FC? How much water, 1 inch. What did I do wrong? Pretty sure I got the Pool Calculator right but apparently not? Thanks
Category: pool Post By: JORGE PEARSON (Missoula, MT), 02/16/2019

You'll be fine. According to the FC/CYA chart, shock target for CYA=60 is 24. The target shock level for Mustard algae is 34.

- KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 03/25/2019

As for the error, I'd place my bet on your pool being smaller than 19,800 gal.

- Dustin Darton (West Palm Beach, FL), 04/08/2019

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