Forum Title: Closing chemistry advice with suspect pH reading
Tried to figure this out by searching other posts but I'm a neurotic newbie and need reassurance! I was following the TFP closing plan but goofed. 5 days before our scheduled close date I tested; based on results I added acid and calcium but then I messed up by adding (at the same time) chlorine to bring it up to shock level, before I retested the pH. So when I tested again, pH still showed high, then I realized that the pH reading was not going to be valid until after the chlorine came down. So, I rescheduled the pool guy to move our close date out another 10 days. It's been very rainy and cloudy here, so the chlorine levels have been dropping very slowly. Was 17 on 10/17, now 5 on 10/29. Here are my full test results today including pH which I'm not sure I should rely on: FC: 5 CC: 0 TC: 5 pH: 7.8 T/A: 50 CH: 420 CYA: 40 Temp: 57 So assuming it actually is pH of 7.8, the pool calculator returns a CSI of -0.11, well within range, but everything I read says bring pH down closer to 7.4 before closing. So am I okay? Closing is scheduled for 10/31. Any advice on recommended chemistry adjustments would be appreciated.
Category: pool Post By: HAZEL JENSEN (New Britain, CT), 02/12/2019

If the water is circulating, I'd trust your readings. Dropping pH from 7.8 to 7.4 should be easy, just add whatever amount of acid pool calculator says and be done with it. You have knowledge, you have a test kit, you have this forum, so whatever you find when you reopen will be easily remedied.

- ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 03/26/2019

Thanks very much. You're right, I should be able to deal with anything upon opening. I'm just trying to have a repeat of last year (my first) when the pool guys took off the cover and said they'd never seen such clear water upon opening!

- ELLEN MUNOZ (Sandy Springs, GA), 03/21/2019

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